Duties of the Madison County Attorney

There are approximately 74 statutory duties defined in Iowa Code section 331.756. The Madison County Attorney is in charge of enforcing Iowa state laws and Madison county ordinances, and all violations which may be prosecuted in the name of the state or the county. This includes carrying out the duties relating to extradition of fugitive defendants and forfeiting property connected to criminal activity.

The county attorney is charged with protecting children and families by commencing legal actions in cases dealing with children in need of assistance. The office also prosecutes juvenile delinquents and appears for the State in involuntary commitment proceedings.

In addition to prosecuting crimes, the county attorney gives advice or written opinions to the board of supervisors and other county officers concerning county matters. The office also commences, prosecutes, and defends all actions and proceedings in which a county officer, in the officers official capacity, or the county is an interested party.

The Madison County Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer in the county and works with the County Sheriff, the Winterset and Earlham police departments, and the Highway Patrol to protect our communities.

Matt Schultz

Matt Schultz

Madison County Attorney

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Eric Anderson
Assistant Madison County Attorney

Tiffany Molln
Office Manager / Victim Witness Coordinator